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One Day Remains Van For SALE!!!!!

I've decided to sell my van. It's a perfect band van. 1991 Ford Econoline E-150.

-Completely rebuilt engine about a year old (5.0 V8(mustang engine)).
-Brand new heavy-duty suspension.
-Snow tires are in great shape.
-All new front-end parts (ball joints and tie rods).
-All new brakes (pads, rotors, shoes, drums, wheel cylinders and wheel bearings).
-New heavy-duty dual core radiator and hoses.
-Every gasket in the engine is new (no leaks).
-2 new window motors.
-New water pump.
-New alternator.
-New spark plugs and wires.
-All new filters (fuel, oil and air)
-Flushed power steering pump.
-New timing chain and gears.
-New thermostat.
-The heat works but no air conditioning (we never had a problem in the scorching heat).
-Sony CD player 45X4

---After I worked on it last year and some things year, we never had a problem with it. It took us through a hectic east coast tour without a flaw. I don't need it anymore and with putting a lot of money and hardwork into this tank, I would like it to have a cozy home. It's burgundy and beautiful.

----$$$ I'm asking for $2,000 OR BEST OFFER!!!!!!

*Strong van and dependable. Help me get it off my hands. Please!

If interested, contact me::

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