Sarah Le Hardass (infinityends) wrote in one_day_remains,
Sarah Le Hardass

Signs of Collapse in need of Vocalist.

Signs of Collapse, for those of you who don't know is a "Technical Death Metal" Band from the "Detroit Area". If you'd like more information on their history/background, leave a comment, please.


Signs Of Collapse loses Singer : Auditions To be next Week

Its true... this morning we found out that kevin will be leaving Signs Of Collapse. The seperation is on good terms, we assure you. There are no hard feelings between anybody in the band. Kevin has decided to start his life with his girlfriend and his career. He felt by doing so he may hold us back and has gracefully stepped back from the plate in order to make sure it doesnt come to that. We all wish Kevin the best of luck with everything he is doing.

This is the first member we have ever lost since the formation of the band, and we are all a little weird about it, but just as always we must figure it out and get through it.

If you or anybody you know would be interested in auditioning for the part of vocals in Signs Of Collapse please contact us asap. We have a million shows lined up and tours being booked right now that take up most of this year and most of next year...

if you would like other contact information to get ahold of one of the members directly, leave a comment.

Next week Mon.-Fri. from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. S.O.C will be holding "auditions" er whatever at The Lofts in Redford, MI.
They're located in the back of the Big Lots at Telegraph and 7 Mileish for those of you who don't know what they are, ask one of your sweet friends or something.
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